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Discussion Forum organised for project beneficiaries within IPA CBCP MNE-KOS

The structures of IPA CBC Programme Montenegro – Kosovo 2014-2020 organized the Discussion forum with project beneficiaries of 2nd Call for Proposals. The event was held in Hotel Prishtina International (Prishtina, Kosovo) on 16th September 2022 and it was attended by the beneficiaries of each contracted project under the 2nd call.



This event was organized in order to increase capacities of project beneficiaries. The forum was held with the aim to contribute to the improvement of the impact of the implementation of the projects through exchange of views of grant beneficiaries regarding the on-going project implementation, current issues, and good practices and through fostering inter-project communication.



The forum was organised as one-day event, during which findings were presented by Joint Technical Secretariat and was followed by group discussions, questions and answers, examples and practical illustrations from daily work and experience. Moreover, participants were urged to share their specific challenges they face during the implementation phase aiming to make stock of the difficulties and solutions applied by different beneficiaries.



Therefore, the forum presented a good opportunity to enable the grant beneficiaries of the on-going project within the 2nd CfP to enhance the cooperation between similar projects, improve communication among partners and similar projects, and identify main challenges and joint ideas to overcome the problems and discuss best practices.