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Mapping of agricultural resources conducted

Within the project “Green jobs for better future of cross-border region of Montenegro and Kosovo”, the project partners, after the mapping of agricultural resources in the target municipalities in Montenegro and Kosovo, drafted and distributed Handbook for start-ups in farming business. In addition, field visits and on-site coaching was provided to the farmers that were selected to participate in the educational trainings in Montenegro and Kosovo. The promotion of the employment in agriculture is being conducted in high schools and through local employment agencies in Berane, Andrijevica, Plav and Deçan/Dečani.


In Municipality of Deçan/Dečani (Kosovo), the training centre has been established and equipped and will be at disposal for farmers needs as well as for practical exercises during the trainings. In addition, educational trainings have been conducted in Kosovo.


So far, the participants in Kosovo had the opportunity to increase their theoretical and practical knowledge through the training modules on “Biotechnology”, “Reproduction of cattle and artificial insemination” and on “Good feeding practices”. In the following period, the training centre will established in Montenegro and training modules for Montenegrin farmers will be held.