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Accursed mountains – exquisite outdoor destination

Grant beneficiaries

Total EU grant: 360,994.40 €

Total project value: 424,724.70 €

Project duration: 24 months

Expected results of the project:

  • Improved outdoor tourism infrastructure.
  • Standardized cross-border information made available for tourists and tourism agencies.
  • Promotional activities to increase visibility of targeted zone as one outdoor destination.

Target groups

  • Business sector – approximately 100 different businesses active in tourism industry.
  • Government sector – tourism organisations in Decane, Andrijevica, Berane and Rozaje, as well as local governments on the territory targeted by this action.
  • Protected areas in targeted zone – national parks Prokletije and Bjeshket e Namuna, and regional park of nature Komovi.

Project area

    • Kosovo: Peja and Decane municipalities.
    • Montenegro: Plav, Gusinje, Andrijevica, Berane and Rozaje municipalities.

Impact of the project

This project will support further development of cross border Prokletije area as outdoor tourism destination. It will improve tourism infrastructure and increase the visibility of the whole area targeted by the project.