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Creating employment in agriculture

Grant beneficiaries

Total project budget in EUR: 338,337.21

Total grant awarded in EUR: 287,586.72

Project duration: 18 months

Expected results of the project:

  • Unemployed people encouraged to get involved in agriculture;
  • Capacities of unemployed people strengthened for agriculture;
  • Sustainable linkages created for continued employment.

Target groups:

  • 5000 unemployed people in Istok, Peja, Podgorica and Tuzi;
  • 50 representatives of businesses in target area;
  • 20 local governments’ officials.

Project area

Municipalities of Istok/Istog and Peja/Peć (Kosovo) and municipalities of Podgorica and Tuzi (Montenegro).

Impact of the project

The impact of the project is to increase access to labour market and to enhance the capacities of women, youth, and long-term unemployed to generate income from agriculture. The capacities of the target groups will be enhanced through capacity-building activities such as trainings, internships, mentoring, and by providing the necessary equipment for agriculture and by facilitating linkages with buyers of agricultural products.