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Grant beneficiaries

Total project budget in EUR: 523,577.60 €

Total grant awarded in EUR: 399,000 €

Project duration: 24 months

Expected results of the project:

  • Improved water management in municipality of Peja (Kosovo) and Bjelo Polje (Montenegro);
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of population in Peja and Bijelo Polje on need and importance of preserving water resources.

Target groups: Public water enterprises and citizens living in the municipality of Peja and Bijelo Polje;

Project area:
Cross border area in Bijelo Polje (Montenegro), and Peja (Kosovo).

Impact of the project:

Developing the potential of the municipalities of Peja and Bijelo Polje in managing the process of protection and preservation of water resources, as well as improving the knowledge of the residents of cross-border areas regarding the management and preservation of water resources.