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In Employment, Education, Training – IN EET

Grant beneficiaries

Total project budget in EUR: 209.448,10 €

Total grant awarded in EUR: 178.030,88 €

Project duration: 24 months

Expected results of the project:

  • Youth at risk in both countries are economically empowered and have acquired working experience;
  • Former prisoners in both countries have gained competitive skills and have access to the labour market;
  • Institutions of social policies and social care from the cross-border region have established cooperation and strengthened their skills in developing social policies aimed at activating end users.

Target groups: Youth at risk – youth in conflict with the law; youth from disadvantaged families; LGBTIQ+ youth; Roma youth; youth with a history of drug use; Current and former prisoners from Montenegro and Kosovo.

Project area:
Montenegro: Podgorica, Tuzi, Bijelo Polje, Plav and Berane; Kosovo: Pejë, Istog and Gjakovë.

Impact of the project:

Project aims to contribute to an increased level of social inclusion of vulnerable population groups as well as their access to the labor market by increasing the employability of youth at-risk groups and contributing to the social re-integration of prisoners and former prisoners through economic empowerment. One of the focuses is also strengthening the capacities of the institutions of social care in working with vulnerable populations.