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Promotional video “Eco and Outdoor Tourism Actions of the Balkan Alps”

The promotional video, created within the project “Eco and Outdoor Tourism Actions of the Balkan Alps” represents only a part of the atmosphere and experience offered by a visit to the Prokletije National Park. We have also created a seven-day itinerary, for all those who want to discover in a unique way some of the best-kept secrets of the cross-border area between Montenegro and Kosovo: https://bit.ly/2WCwFz9


Rocky landscapes, sharp peaks, wild and difficult to access nature, are the reasons why Prokletije got its name, which is associated with the cruelty of this mountain massif and the hard life of the people who are living in this area.  On the other hand, the visual impression you will experience during the first encounter with Prokletije very quickly changes the impression of the natural beauties of this area, magnificent lakes, pastures, and forests. The geographical position of Prokletije and the relatively poor traffic connection with the surrounding places have made this mountain still a very interesting and inexhaustible source of exploration of untouched nature, especially attractive to nature lovers, mountaineers, and alpinists, people with an adventurous spirit.


In order to achieve sustainable development of the cross-border region through common tourist potentials based on natural and cultural heritage, this cross-border project was designed. Implemented activities contribute to the quality and diversity of services, the establishment and promotion of a joint tourist offer as increased safety of visitors to the National Park Prokletije in Montenegro and the National Park Bjeshket e Nemuna in Kosovo.



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