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Self-Employment and Social Entrepreneurship for Youth

From January 2019, LENS has started to implement the project “Self-Employment and Social Entrepreneurship for Youth”. This particular project, where our organization is one of the partners, is being implemented by the Association for Democratic Prosperity – Adp-Zid, Liberal Democrat Center, and Creative Skills Center and will contribute to development of the digital potential in the border region between Montenegro and Kosovo.


The overall objective of the project is to improve the access to the labour market for young people and encourage socially vulnerable groups to participate in society.


Youth coming from municipalities of Peja, Istog, Deçan, Podgorica, Rozaje and Berane will have the unique opportunity to benefit in strengthening their skills, competences, interethnic exchange of ideas around innovative practices of social participation and participation in the digital economy sector.


In addition of training curricula and planned activities expected to be implemented, will be created the so-called “Hackerspaces”, one in Montenegro and one in Kosovo. The spaces will enable young people from this region to collaborate and develop their knowledge in information technology, electronic, digital art, programming, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Source: LENS