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Six projects contracted under the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Montenegro – Kosovo 2014-2020

The start of the implementation of six projects selected under the 1st Call for Proposals for IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Montenegro – Kosovo 2014-2020 was announced today in Pristina.


Head of the Operating Structure of Kosovo in the Ministry of Local Government Administration Rozafa Ukimeraj welcomed all participants of the event and stated that great interest of potential applicants was recorded in the First Call for Proposals and thanked the grantees for their dedication and achieved results, and at the same time urged to all local and national institutions, municipalities and civil society organizations to further engage in the upcoming period, considering that by the end of the year the second Call for Proposals is planned.

Miodrag Račeta the Head of Department for European and territorial cooperation in the Office for European Integration of Montenegro expressed particular satisfaction with the fact that for the first time within this programme the contracting and start the implementation of the projects that will be implemented under indirect management is announced which is a result of the successful cooperation that the two countries have established in the previous perspective. He recalled that available funds under 2014-2020 financial perspective for this programme amount to  EUR 8,4 million, while the funds that were available for financing projects under this call amount to EUR 2.04 million. He expressed confidence that the project activities will contribute to the empowerment of the programme area in terms of fostering employment, improving access and quality of health services, establishment of technical requirements for integrated solid waste management and evaluation of joint tourist potential based on shared natural and cultural heritage.


Luka Đuričković the Head of Quality Assurance Division in the Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds (CFCU) in the Ministry of Finance of Montenegro announced that selected projects contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Programme under this call, and that their realization involves joint engagement of numerous institutions and organizations. He also recalled the fact that the value of the contracted projects will be 2.02 million euro, which represents 99% of the available amount under the First Call.

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The Deputy Head of Cooperation Section, European Union Office in Kosovo, Libor Chlad stated that through the programmes of cross-border cooperation the European Union seeks to link the countries and the common interest of people living in the border area not only through creating opportunities for this population, but also through close cooperation and partnership creation. He expressed hope that the projects will be implemented not only in accordance with the established rules, but also in accordance with the interests and benefits of people living in the border regions.


After introductory remarks, Sanja Todorovic, the Head of the Joint Technical Secretariat briefly presented the objectives of the First Call, after which the grant beneficiaries of the 6 contracted projects presented activities that will be implemented in the following period. The conference was attended by over 70 representatives of relevant institutions and municipalities from Montenegro and Kosovo, representatives of the European Union Office in Kosovo, ambassadors, representatives of projects agreed within this call, as well as representatives of the civil sector and the media.