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The first set of trainings for the beneficiaries of the 2nd CfP within the IPA CBC Programme Montenegro-Kosovo was held

During august 2020, 6 projects were contracted within the 2nd CfP within IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Montenegro – Kosovo 2014-2020. In order to increase the capacity of project beneficiaries, the first set of trainings related to project implementation and secondary procurement was held. Taking into account the current situation caused by the COVID-19 virus, as well as the health measures in force in Montenegro and Kosovo, the trainings were held on 30 November  and  1 December 2020 through the online MS Teams platform.


As part of capacity building for grant beneficiaries, the trainings were organized by the Contracting Authority, Directorate for Finance and Contracting of the EU Assistance Funds of Montenegro in cooperation with European Integration Office of Montenegro, and Ministry for Local Government Republic of Kosovo, with technical support provided by Joint Technical Secretariat of the IPA CBC Programmes Montenegro – Albania and Montenegro – Kosovo 2014-2020 (JTS).


At the beginning of the first day of training, on behalf of the Operating structures of the Programme, Jasna Bulatović, the Coordinator of the Montenegro-Kosovo Programme from the European integration office of Montenegro,  and Yll Valla, Deputy Director of the Department for Inter-Municipal and Cross-Border Cooperation within the Ministry of Local Self-Government of the Republic of Kosovo, addressed and greeted the beneficiaries.


The trainings were attended by 32 participants representing the leading applicants and partners who jointly participate in the implementation of projects, who raised several issues and concerns on which they may encounter during the project implementation process.


During the first day of the training the participants were provided with basic information on roles and responsibilities of grant beneficiaries in relation to the content of contract dossier and its annexes, financial management and record keeping, as well as on the main requirements related to reporting, monitoring, control and visibility.


During the second day beneficiaries have been informed and received information on contract modification and on basic principles related to secondary procurement, preparation of procurement documentation and information on single tender and simplified procedure.


In the forthcoming period, for beneficiaries from the 2nd CfP within the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program Montenegro – Kosovo trainings on reporting and publicity and visibility in accordance with EU rules on project implementation will be organized.